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Congratulations and welcome to Craig Hendricks Music! You have found my personal Performance and Music site! On this site you will find a little about me and what I do, more about my original music, collaborations, where i'll be playing next, and maybe some other interesting goodies.

Ya'll come on in, and if you can think of anyway for me to improve this site, let me know! Thanks again for visiting Craig Hendricks Music!  

HI EVERYONE!!! Sorry it took me so long to update! I wanted to let you know how things went on our FIRST SUMMER TOUR!!!! First a HUGE thank you to all my gracious hosts! Also a big thanks to everyone who came out, met, chatted, encouraged, donated, friended, and listened!!!I am truly humbled! Finally a Great big THANK YOU to the wonderful venues where I performed..most of which, have rebooked me! 


This tour was more of a success than we could have ever guessed..and we are a pretty positive bunch when it comes to our music!!!! Georgia, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama,..we had some blips and some obstacles that limited our shows including venues that closed and lack of communication (when you drive over 3500 miles...you HAVE to have everything in place, in stone...) However, as we overcame the obstacles..often with the help of friends, new and old, we began to have new opportunities, blessings, and results we could have never guessed!!!


I now have an interview (this week) with a Major Music Group that has interest in me and my originals, Co-writing opportunities with both hit writers, and incredibly talented up and coming performers!!! We are setting up the last details to record and drop our first produced and professionally recorded Single! At least 4 more of my originals are being demoed for pitching to publishers! I will also be attending (as a spectator) the 2019 Musician's Hall of Fame induction to root on our friend, Earl Peanutt Montgomery and watch the local guys (AKA ALABAMA) all take their places in history!!! We are also scheduled in to play in Nashville several times and we are booking for our NEXT TOURS!!!!

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! We love you and we love bringing you our flavor of Country Music!!!


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  • Marilyn

    Marilyn Maine

    Hi brother hope I did this right. Good luck with your music.

    Hi brother hope I did this right. Good luck with your music.